Monday, January 9, 2012

Your password will expire in 10 days

I'm collecting expiration and password policy information. Have you received an email like this one? Send it on! Let's collect them all!

(I won't show any personally identifying information or company/organization names.)

I love that getting an error message is step 13. 

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  1. I recently joined a (world famous technology) company. Right after I was given my initial password, I went to change it. My initial attempt was a 20 character passphrase, but no matter what combination I tried, the system always told me "The password you have entered does not meet our minimum password complexity requirements."

    When I contact the helpdesk to find out just what those requirements were, (minimum eight chars, one uppercase, one lowercase, one digit or symbol) they told me I couldn't change my password at all, and would have to wait until it expired.

    Apparently the system only has one error message.